Automation Anywhere makes it easy to remove mundane tasks from every employee’s life with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is helping businesses better serve their customers, improve operational efficiency, and empower employees to build the career of their dreams.

Be a part of the future of work. Bot Games is the RPA developer bot building contest that helps organizations go be great by building AI-powered, cloud-native, web-based intelligent automation. We invite developers from around the world to showcase bots to help employees return to a better, more creative workplace for a chance to win $5000 and other valuable prizes.

Automation 360 cloud is robust for professional programmers, yet easy enough for those new to automation. Build advanced automation using the built-in capabilities of Automation 360 along with your own custom code that you may write in Python, JavaScript, .NET, or Java. Built-in integration capabilities make it easy to leverage your own machine learning models, 3rd party AI services, or integration with REST/SOAP APIs. If you are new to RPA, cloud-based automation is designed for ease-of-use, with intuitive drag-and-drop actions and visual flow charts. Cloud RPA enables users to automate any process via a web-based interface accessed in their browser.

In addition to this hackathon, join us at our Bot Wars weekly challenges for a chance to win additional prizes, uplevel your RPA skills, and get inspired by the RPA community.


We encourage you to build and submit bots that can help employees return to a better, more creative workplace, along any of the 5 themes below. See each theme for automation use case examples. These examples are only offered for inspiration. You’re by no means restricted to these use cases.  

Front Office

Front-office workers are individuals who directly generate revenue for the company. The front office is largely made up of client-facing duties, which can include those commonly found in Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service. This is a great place to use Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface, or AARI. Example use cases include:

  • Retrieving customer data from multiple systems via a form
  • Customer account set up, update or closure
  • Processing and assigning event leads
  • Bulk assign leads and tasks


Supply Chain

The world has a long way to go to stabilize the supply chain and get product where it needs to go. Build automation that helps suppliers and buyers exchange goods in a timely manner. Example use cases include:

  • Buyer activities such as vendor or order management
  • Supplier activities like bill of materials (BOM) processing, Inventory management, payment reconciliation, order tracking and updating.
Human Resources

As the world re-opens, rapid hiring and onboarding is critical to meeting a surge in demand. Build automation that helps human resources secure and retain top talent. Example use cases include:

  • New employee onboarding such as finalizing paperwork or provisioning system access
  • Benefits administration such as continued education benefit requests or leave of absence management.

As the economy recovers, spending is returning as well. Build automation that helps organizations manage more invoices, vendors, accounts or payments. This is a great opportunity to use AI/ML using IQ Bot. Example use cases include:

  • Accounts payable or accounts receivable such as Invoice processing or reconciliation
  • Treasury operations such as month-end close, general ledger journal entries, reporting
Surprise Us!

Removing repetitive, mundane tasks is critical to returning to work with a more creative, innovative career. Automation can also be used in other creative ways in other departments or lines of business, across multiple departments or even outside of the office. Show us your creative ideas on how to use intelligent automation using Automation 360, IQ Bot, Discovery Bot and/or AARI. Example use cases include:

  • Cross functional automation where bots work across several departments or teams
  • Automating in other departments such as IT, across front and back office, or unique departments specific to a given industry, i.e. banking or healthcare
  • Attended automation where humans and bots work side by side
  • Hyperautomation that uses AI or Machine learning (See Bot Store for many AI/ML components)
  • Automation not for enterprise such as automation for a cause or automation for personal tasks




The judging process for the software submissions of the hackathon will be in 2 phases:

Phase 1: All the submissions will be evaluated by the judges and the top submissions will be shortlisted.

Phase 2: The shortlisted teams will be invited to present to a panel of judges on a Zoom video meeting.

The top 3 teams or individuals, as determined by the panel of judges, as well as the top submissions for the innovation awards will be announced on September 13, 2021.


Your submission must be in the English language and consist of:

  • Code: A publicly-accessible URL to the exported bot files. We encourage using a public GitHub repository and sharing the URL to that.
  • Submission Form: Mention the theme you have chosen, your idea, implementation and potential impact on the submission form for the hackathon. Also include this as a README file as a part of the code submission.
  • Video: A short video (less than 3 minutes) demonstrating the working of your bot

Also, please note:

Multiple submissions: You can submit multiple projects to the hackathon, as a part of the same team or a different team. However, you are eligible to win only a single prize.

Re-submission/editing of submissions: You can re-submit or edit your submission until the submission deadline. Your latest version of a submission before the deadline will be considered for judging.

For a complete list of submission requirements, please check out the Official Rules.

Hackathon Sponsors


$12,000 in prizes

First Prize

Cash prize of $5,000 USD for the winning team

Second Prize

Cash prize of $3,000 for the runners-up team

Third Prize

Cash prize of $2,000 USD for the second runners-up team

Innovation Awards (4)

To inspire the automation community, we are providing additional valuable prizes for your entries. Show us your creative use of automation to win $500 USD in cash for up to four winners.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sharon Mandell

Sharon Mandell
CIO, Juniper

Carolina Lockyer

Carolina Lockyer
Senior Program Manager, Levis

Yasmine Rodriguez

Yasmine Rodriguez
CTO, Asure Software

Bask Iyer

Bask Iyer
CIO VMWare / Dell

Prince Kohli

Prince Kohli
CTO, Automation Anywhere

Megan Lacy

Megan Lacy
Sr. Director, Automation Anywhere

Laura Della Torre

Laura Della Torre
Sr. Director, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Automation Anywhere

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Impact of automation on the real problems being faced around the world.
  • Platform Use
    All solutions must make use of Automation 360 cloud. Solutions making use of IQ Bot or AARI will receive additional points.
  • Comprehensiveness
    Does the automation comprehensively address the problem it sets to solve?
  • Reusability
    Is the automation built with modularity and reusability in mind?
  • Resiliency
    Does the automation adapt to changes in an environment where it is deployed or behavior of the user?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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